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Retailers: Start Getting Ready for Fall

Inspiring windows, decorations and do-it-yourself ideas to inspire you.

Retailers are using pinterest to get more business and business ideas


Retailers are using pinterest to get more business and business ideasWe hate to think it. We hate even more to write it. But the truth is: Summer is winding down and Fall is coming. For you retailers, that means updating your store with new merchandise and pulling out those beautiful fall colors.

To get your creative juices flowing we’ve pulled together a few favorite decorating ideas on our Fall Decorating Pinterest board. These ideas range from product arrangements that incorporate Fall colors into glass containers and hurricane lamps, to crafty decorating ideas for making pumpkins with hardware store finds and even a few real store displays. For additional inspiration, try searching for particular Fall merchandise within Pinterest to see how others are using or displaying those products. A great example would be searching for “fall lanterns”. Talk about endless inspiration.

So start thinking about your decorating plans now and mentally arranging your store, that way, when the time comes to make the actual move, you’ll be ready. Advanced tip: Create a plan now, for the product that won’t fit with your Fall look. That could mean marking it down now so it sells quickly, or promoting it at the front of the store where customers can see it. If all else fails, package that product as a donation for the next charity group that stops in your store.

For more fall merchandising ideas check out the color bands section in our Merchandising Inspiration blog post.

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