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Retailers’ Secrets of Social Media

Four social media secrets to save you time and make money!Social Media

We know, we know. Social media is THE place to promote your business. But who has time to post on Facebook and Twitter all day (not to mention SnapChat, Pinterest, and Instagram) when you’re trying to run a retail store? We’ve rounded up 4 fierce social media secrets for small business retailers to help you maximize your social media impact for the smallest possible time investment. This includes automating social media posts, creating an Instagram drip and even making a new recipe for your business (no measuring required!).

Schedule those Facebook and Twitter Posts
No one has time to post to social media all day. Instead, take a couple hours at the beginning of the quarter and plan some key posts for the next few months. Then use Buffer to schedule them out so they will post automatically. Not only does Buffer help save time by letting you take care of posts ahead of time, but it also comes with a handy browser extension that lets you easily share content in a single click. Easy Rating: Baby Simple.

Now create an Instagram Drip
Instagram may be all about the photo of the moment but that doesn’t mean it has to be the photo you just took. Instead use Schedugram, to schedule those photos in advance and stop worrying about whether or not you have your daily post ready! Schedugram also lets you upload and edit your photos through your web browser, giving you the chance to find the perfect caption, hashtag, and filter to get your photo the attention it deserves. Easy Rating: Baby Simple

Let’s Get Cooking
There is a new App in town that is friends with all your other apps. It’s called If This Then That (IFTTT). It works by smartly connecting your weather app to your text messages so that If it’s going to rain tomorrow Then it will text you a reminder to bring your umbrella to work. And that’s just the first example. The possibilities are endless and the business applications are amazing. Use IFTTT to do things like keep your profile pictures synced up and automatically sharing your Instagram photos on other platforms. In IFTTT’s ever-expanding recipe library, you’ll find lots of ready-made recipe ideas, or make your own. Easy Rating: Toddler

Let’s Make Money
Aside from sharing content, social media can also make you money! Consider opening up a a Facebook store, and selling your products right there on Facebook. Just snap pictures of your best items (make sure they are well lit), write a product description and put them up. This one does require a little more time investment on the up front but can lead to extra sales that will grow over time. Once your store is setup don’t forget to share the items on your other social channels like Instagram (use IFTTT for that one!). Easy Rating: Middle School

There is no reason to let social media take up your days. Instead maximize your time by scheduling posts, automating processes and sharing out your best products for the world to buy.

Do you have some amazing time saving secrets? Share them in the comments below and they may be featured in an upcoming blog!




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