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Retailer Activism: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


This Melrose client is taking on Breast Cancer, one shopper at a time. Retailer Activism

When your shop is in a bright pink landmark, you kind of have to raise money for Breast Cancer. At least that’s what Kathleen Roberts, Owner of Potted Petals in Lombard, Illinois, thinks.

And she is putting her money where her mouth is. “Potted Petals is donating 5% of its sales, for the month of October, to the National Cancer Society” Kathleen explained.

Her customers are excited. “I have posted [about the promotion] on Facebook and in my blog. Also in my newsletter that goes out to all my customers.” She explained.

She wants to get as many customers involved in the fundraising effort as possible. Adding that it is important to make the experience easy for everyone, “If anyone wants to help the National Cancer Society all they have to do is come in and shop…we do all the rest.”

Aside from raising money for charity, Potted Petals keeps customers happy with “our unique products, wonderful displays and great customer service”.

Kathleen explained that “I do a lot of one on one helping of the customers so that they get exactly what they want.” She even pulls product and puts designs together while they wait. She believes this type of customer service is integral to her success.

So will her fundraising continue to be an annual tradition? Kathleen plans to keep raising money each year saying, “I know we have touched some people.”

How has your store given back in the community? Have you raised money or perhaps hosted an event? Share your story in the comments below!


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