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Rep to the Rescue…How One Melrose Rep is Starting a Pop Up Revolution!

Pop up shops may be trending, but have you ever heard of a Reps Pop Up Event? What it is will surprise you!

Reps Pop Up event for Retailers to buy wholesale product!Reps Pop Up event for Retailers to buy wholesale product!

Gina Lempa, the Melrose rep for the Chicagoland area, has seen a trend in retail that you’ve probably noticed too – Pop Up Shops! These little stores are appearing, for a few days or weeks, in empty stores briefly lighting them up with activity. Consumers are attracted to the limited time store to see new product thats sometimes even provided by several retailers in partnership.

This got Gina thinking.
Why not create a pop up shop for retailers to see product? Taking the same concept of a here-today, gone-tomorrow Pop Up Shop, Gina is bringing together 5 independent reps, with complementary product, to offer retailers a single day of shopping. She is calling it a Reps Pop-Up Event.

“Together, we’re bringing our companies right to retailers,” Gina explains. “We will be creating a mini show, providing light refreshments, raffle prizes and opportunity for our customers to place orders, meet new reps and find new lines.”

About the event.
The inaugural event will be held Monday, May 19 in Geneva IL. It will run the entire day and into the evening to accommodate retailers before and after store hours. If you’re in the area, and interested in attending, please contact Gina Lempa at for more information. And of course, make sure to bring your resale tax id for verification. 

So What’s next?
“My vision is that this goes so well, and our customers find it so valuable, that they ask us to Pop Up again in another area around Chicago in a few months,” Gina explained. She added that she hopes to add additional reps and lines with each new event. We’re hoping so too, Gina! And, if you’re planning to attend this Reps Pop Up Event, let us know in the comments below! 

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