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Rep to the Rescue: How Cindy Valerio helped turn an old jewelry store into a shining jewel!

The story of one rep who goes above and beyond when her client opens a new store.

When Carol and Randy Sneller walked into the Melrose Showroom in Chicago 3 years ago, Cindy Valerio knew right away that they were going to do big things together. In Cindy’s words, “Carol and Randy are incredible people and from the minute we met, we hit it off.”

Later, when the Sneller’s mentioned they were looking to improve their store merchandising, Cindy knew she could put her interior design background to work. “Merchandising is something I can bring to the table for my customers, so when they are open to it, I like to help them,” she says. “Sometimes that means a few quick recommendations when I am showing them new product, and other times it’s a larger relationship.”

Over the next few years, Cindy watched as Hathaway Cottage steadily grew until it was clear to everyone that it was time for a larger space. That’s when the Sneller’s came to Cindy with a problem. The space they wanted, an old jewelry store in quaint downtown Allegan, Michigan, was very raw and would have to be completely renovated.

Rep to the rescue…

Using her interior design skills and the psychology of shopping, Cindy developed a color scheme of blue green and white for the space. “I suggested cornflower blue paint for the back wall of the store because,” Cindy explains, “blue makes people feel relaxed and puts them in a buying mood.” The store also plays slow jazz, which is known to promote conversation to help customers feel more comfortable chatting with the staff.

“Cindy was an inspiration,” explained Randy of the transformation she helped produce. “While we were thinking ‘paint the walls and bring in new flooring,’ she was already anticipating where the cash register would go and how our product could be displayed.”

As Cindy puts it “I’m Melrose and Melrose is me.  They’re the only line I rep, so I only offer merchandising help to my Melrose clients.” Lucky clients.

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  • June 7, 2013

    Holly Horn

    Wow, Cindy Valerio did a wonderful job transforming an old store into something fresh and new again. If I had a store I would definitely hire Cindy to do her amazing work for me!!!!


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