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Reaching Hispanics: The largest growing demographic in the US

A high level look at everything a small business retailer should know about their next biggest market. Hispanic Marketing

It should come as no surprise that Hispanics have huge buying power in the US—about $1.4 trillion— and many small business owners are starting to take notice. What these businesses are discovering is that marketing to Hispanics is about more than Spanish language advertising. It’s about incorporating the culture and values of this audience into your marketing message, and into your store. According to IconoCulture here 5 key areas for reaching the Hispanic market, reached by looking at Hispanics in through their own lens.

Hispanics are….

Seeking discovery

~ Naturally open to diversity and new ideas because they have had to be adaptable in the past
~ Enjoy exploring new things and the idea of being a ‘first-mover’
~ There is an opportunity to push innovation with Latinos

Looking for inspiration beyond price

~Latinos are more mobile and digitally savvy than the general market and this extends into their shopping trip planning
~ Preparing for shopping is no longer just about price comparison and finding coupons but gathering lifestyle inspiration as well (think Pinterest)
~ They are building fruitful relationships with retailers that reward their inspiration seeking and finding their own voice through blogs

Seeking self-empowerment

~ Increased access to internet (mobile included) means Latinos are more informed and connected than ever, and can find information that suits their individual needs
~ Take a population leery of being used and add in their penchant for consulting a group for advice, and you get a rise in unprecedented opportunities for self-education and consumer empowerment that small business owners should be aware of
~Left especially skeptical following the Great Recession, they are doing their homework on products and services before buying

Looking for information vs a hard sell

~ They are more wary and distrusting of institutions – they don’t want to be scammed or fooled
~ Retailers need to help inform them about product information rather than use persuasion or push selling tactics
~ Help Latinos feel autonomous in their decision to choose your company

Ready for big Holiday spending

~ Latino shoppers have had higher projected household spend during the holidays for the past two years
~ Gifting is very important to Hispanics who have a desire to find the perfect gifts for their family (both on Black Friday / Small Business Saturday and into late December)
~ 21% plan to buy food and wine as gifts, which is 1% higher than general market

Reaching the US Hispanic population and their growing buying power relies on treating these consumers as a strong group. Make sure that, as a company, you recognize the importance of their self-discovery as shoppers, their use of mobile internet and their cultural appreciation of holiday spending when you plan your marketing and product mix.

Are you reaching Hispanics with your store? Maybe you’ve found products or marketing outreach that resonates well. We’d love t

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