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Put a little light in your store and see what happens!

Spring is coming and, along with putting out new merchandise, it’s time to consider the lighting in your retail store. Lighting for my retail storeLighting for my retail store

A dimly lit gift shop or softly glowing floral store feels cozy in the winter. But, spring is coming and a craving for sunshine along with it. Fill your customers desire for brightness by taking a survey of your store an adjusting the lighting in the 3 steps below!

First, look up. How many lights are out? We bet you have a couple at the least, but many retailers don’t realize how many really are out—or how dark that makes their store! Go get your ladder and take a few minutes to replace every bulb that has burned out. Then take a walk around your store and see how the light really brings your merchandise, especially anything shiny, to life!

Next, look at your spotlights. Are any of them pointed at a blank space on the wall or just to the left or right of a table? As you adjust the products on your floor it’s easy to forget to adjust the lighting that should be bringing them to life. Now is the time to redirect all lights so they are shining just where they are needed.

Now that your store is fully lit, take a walk around and notice any too-dark corners or product that doesn’t really shine. How can you address this? Would a floor or table lamp help light the area and highlight the product? Perhaps a display should be moved slightly so that you can direct a spotlight towards it. Or maybe you could use an LED candle to bring a little interest to the area.

Whatever you decide, light can be your friend in showing your products at their best. Lighting can set a mood and create an atmosphere. It can influence your customers to feel brighter themselves and more likely to buy. And it can showcase your newest product bringing attention to spring arrivals. For more lighting inspiration, we suggest reading this Retail Minded article on store lighting.

Were you surprised at how many lights were out in your store? When you took a look, were spots pointed the wrong way and corners too dim? Or, maybe you are very meticulous about lighting and did not see any issues in your shop. Either way, we’d like to hear from you in the comments below!

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