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Planning for Holiday…Now!

Six simple things you can do today to plan for the 2016 Holiday SeasonPlanning for HolidayIt’s creeping closer, that busy time in the gift shop world—the holiday season. No matter how much preparation you do the time between Thanksgiving (Halloween for some!) and New Year’s is a whirlwind. But the good news is there are some simple measures you can take now to make it just a little easier then.

1. Go grab the leftover Holiday 2015 box. It’s been a few months. Everything in there still good? Will that ornament with the bent wires really sell? Be brutal. Toss (donate) anything that won’t sell. Then price and pack everything else back up.

2. Two Words—wrapping station. Have you planned yours? If you do pretty bags with store logo stamps and holiday tissue, then it’s time to find and order the tissue and consider if you want to change up your bag colors. If you’re going all in with paper, ribbon and bows and haven’t ordered yet, then you know what to do. Also, take stock of scissors and tape. You can preorder it now or at least leave a sticky with the “need to buy” list with your wrapping materials.

3. Vacation. Everyone needs a break. So pull out the calendar and figure out what days you’ll be working late to setup your shop for Holiday (and put it back to rights after New Year’s) and when you can sneak away for a rest. Put it on the calendar.

4. Similarly, if you don’t have a set date for an annual holiday party. Put that on the calendar as well and then check out this read to plan for it.5. Make sure your Holiday product plan is in order. Grab your order invoices for all the decor and

5. Make sure your Holiday product plan is in order. Grab your order invoices for all the decor and gift items you’ll be getting in for holiday and walk your store mentally placing items. Forget gifts for him? Maybe you’re missing the LED candles for your candle holders. There is still time to place those orders.

6. Start Holiday cards. This one is really 2 pars. Fist you’ll want to pull out your holiday list from last year and start updating it. (We suggest you remove anyone who isn’t getting a card this year, then use the internet to check any addresses that may have changed and finally add new people). Next is the fun part – Pinterest some holiday card inspiration— and start planning yours. Since this may require a photo shoot or some extra planning it’s great to get your idea in place now.

From party planning to holiday cards there are some simple things you can do now to make Holiday 2016 that much easier. And trust us, when you find your sticky note reminding you to order scotch tape and 3 pairs of scissors, you’ll thank yourself later!

How are you planning for Holiday 2016? Do you agree that it’s important to schedule yourself down time during the rush? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments below.

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