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Pinterest 101: How to start a Pinterest page for retailers

A quick Pinterest guide for retailers, from guest blogger Suzy Teele

Pinterest, the social media site, is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers, but is it a good promotional platform for retailers? According to Suzy Teele, COO of SnapRetail—a digital marketing solution for  for small retailers—YES, it is! “Of all the social sites, Pinterest has had the most impact on store sales, because of the visual representation,” explains Suzy.

However, many retailers don’t know how start taking advantage of Pinterest. According to Suzy, there are three key strategies to remember when starting a Pinterest page for your store:

  1. Visualize! People use Pinterest for the visual elements, so grab your smart phone and take pictures of your product. Keep your pics exciting by taking them at an interesting angle, in a real life setting (candles lighting a lovely powder room, floral accenting a mantle in your home) or showing product with people—a favorite customer lifting an angel statue or even wearing a broach.
  2. Make it easy for people to learn more. Link every picture to a site where your potential customer can learn more; whether that’s the ecommerce section of your website, your contact-us page, or Facebook. As long as a prospective customer can contact you in some way when they click, you are taking advantage of the power of Pinterest.
  3. Theme it—to capture the most interest of prospective customers, create boards that are theme-oriented. For example, in the heat of the summer create a “Dog Days of Summer” board. Invite your favorite customers to come by with their dogs and take pictures of the dogs with product from your store. Because the pictures are focused on pets as well as product, you gain more buzz, and more sharing, which will mean more clicking through to your page.

As you gain confidence with Pinterest, Suzy recommends you keep creating boards on themes around your product. “Keep having fun with it and incorporating your customers into the images when you can,” she says. For a little instant inspiration, check out Melrose’s Pinterest.

To learn more about social media marketing and boosting sales for the Summer, check out SnapRetail’s Summer School Webinar Series – or see Suzy in person at The Chicago Gift Show this July.

About the Author
Suzy Teele is COO of SnapRetail, a ready-to-use marketing solution for local store owners. She is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company’s products, marketing and sales.  Suzy has worked with independent retailers for over 12 years, speaking at dozens of events about online marketing tactics and technology strategies for independent retailers. She has over 20 years of executive-level experience in digital marketing and software product development.  


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