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Melrose seeks to inspire with our newest video series: Decorate with Melrose. Artboard 19 In January holiday goes out the door and spring items start to make their way into shops and garden centers. With that in mind, we are sharing a video showcasing out top-selling round lanterns. Our lead designer shows you how to beautifully decorate them to bring in a nod of spring and a pop of color. Watch the video for more.

Be a holiday shopping angel.December Blogs 2017-02When you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last minute you’re probably too busy to shop. Or you don’t have a clue what to get people and you’ve put it off. Or both. No matter the reason, last-minute holiday shoppers tend to be stressed out. This can create shoppers who are overly particular, short-tempered and even rude. But it also creates an opportunity for you to help the shopper with their needs—and if you do a good job you’ll have a loyal customer who will rave about your store. So how do you help these shoppers? We’ve got a 3-step method for you!

A peek at the making of the Melrose 2018 Supplemental Catalog. December Blogs 2017-03 At Melrose, we have a Customer Driven philosophy and that extends all the way to our catalogs. What does that mean? When we select items to feature in our catalogs we start by looking at our top selling items. For instance, at the summer show we introduce our spring line. Immediately after the summer show we look at the top selling items that our customers liked best, usually the top 200.