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Take a look behind the curtain into the Melrose packaging department
Melrose Warehouse ships wholesale home goodsMelrose Warehouse ships wholesale home goodsWe took a trip into our warehouse to speak with our packaging team to find out the magic behind Melrose product shipping. We wanted to know how products get packaged (lots of hard work by hand!) and out the door quickly and in good condition. Dee, Rita, Cynthia and Julia took us through their world—from box, to customer.

When products arrive in the warehouse from the factory they are checked in by Dee, who is in charge of quality assurance. She explained that she feels responsible for products “because I want Melrose to succeed, which starts with making sure our products are in the best condition possible, before they leave our facility.”

Once a customer places an order and products are ready to leave the facility Rita, Cynthia and Julia take over. Rita explains that she never wants any product to get damaged in shipping. “It’s very important to pay attention to detail by making sure every order is secure and packaged correctly.”

So what are some secrets behind perfect packaging?

~ Rita: “I like to cut boxes down to fit certain items giving them the perfect fit and protection.”
~ Cynthia: “There is a special way that I put products in boxes. Think of it as a puzzle where the large items go into the box first and then the smaller items are pieced together.”
~ Julia: “When in doubt, ask Seng (who was recently featured in his own blog). He is the expert packer with tips and tricks to package any product properly.”

And what are the hardest items to package? “Our snowmen on bicycles” laughed Julia.

So next time you place an order with Melrose, you know your order will arrive in the best condition possible thanks to Dee, Rita, Cynthia, Julia and the rest of our hard working packaging team.

Do you have any tricks for packaging product for your customers? Does it all come down to the right bag, box or bow? We’d love to hear your packaging stories in the comments below.

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!

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