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Our No-Mess Jack-O’-Lanterns

It’s another Melrose moment! Watch as our special projects designer, Ken, shows how to prepare for Halloween with our Halloween Smiles, just one of our many stylishly spooky decorations.

Of the approximately $7 billion that will be spent on Halloween this year, nearly $2 billion of that will be spent on decorations. And what is the first thing you think of when decorating for our frighteningly fun holiday? Jack-o’-lanterns!

Jack-o’-lanterns have come a long way from their origins in Scotland and Ireland. (And this is a fun story you can share with your customers.) Turnips and beets were originally used for the carving of faces, but the pumpkin became more popular in North America, owing to their abundance — both in number and area for carving!

And while the tradition of carving the pumpkin to make a scary or goofy jack-o’-lantern is fun, the problem is that he usually makes a mess, but not so with Melrose’s Halloween Smiles.

These autumn decorations create a fun Halloween atmosphere and are assembled and ready to delight in just a few minutes. Plus, they are just one way that Melrose can help set the mood for your beginning-of-the-holidays display.

For this project you’ll need our Tall Smiling Pumpkin, Halloween Spray with Orange Spiders (1), Glitter Grape Leaf Spray (2) and Whisper Pine Spray (1).

You can download step-by-step instructions on this and many other special projects for the upcoming Halloween season here. How do you use the classic jack-o’-lantern in your store? Tell us by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you!

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