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Our Latest Obsession…Springtime Employee Picks!

Six top products selected by our employees!     


Rustic Bird Pillows, product #58452

What better way to select the best products to share than by asking our employees to choose them for us! This week we are bringing you 6 top picks from people who see our products every day!


Employee PIcks

58452 – Canvas Bird Pillows (above) are a favorite product of Lesley, in our office support department.

62013 – Signs are popular with Brianne, in marketing.
“Such a versatile sign that fits into any decor. Both my best friend and my mother have this sign in their home, and while their decor styles are different, the sign fits in perfectly in both their homes!”

58492 – Geranium wall plaques (not pictured) are a favorite product of Debbi in Customer Service.
“They add a burst of color to an enclosed porch! They are very welcoming.”

The Rustic Waters Line is popular with Coulada, on our orders team.
“I like [the whole line] not just one item. The line makes me feel like I can bring the beach right into the Midwest!”
62840 – This flower bush is a favorite of Shelia, in customer service.
“It’s a timeless piece and adds just the right touch to any spring flower arrangement.”
60859 – The Shutter Light is a favorite of Sarah, in marketing.
“Even though this item doesn’t scream Spring I still love it! It’s great to keep up year round and there are so many ways you can use this in your home! It adds a touch of rustic which I love!”
What are YOUR favorite products? Let us know in the comments below!

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