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Our Latest Obsession…In Full Bloom!

Friendships bloom with this cherry collection perfect for home and garden! Red floral accents for gift shop buyers, wholesaleRed floral accents for gift shop buyers, wholesale“Welcome to our porch!”
Believed to be the symbol for unity and true friendship, the wide appeal and popularity of geraniums carries over to colorful home accents.Our geranium wall plaques make a grand statement on a porch or entryway.

And, complement your look with our charming rake and shovel wall accents with two buckets of flowers, a gardener’s delight! Don’t forget the door with our geranium wreath where bright red geraniums mingle with a variety of ferns and ivy to create this stunning summertime wreath. Finally, No patio party is complete without our serving trays and beautiful tulip tray.

Love red? Love outdoor gatherings? This look is for you!

Featured Product: Geranium Wall Plaques (Product #58492), Garden Tool Planters (Product #58019), Serving Trays (Product #56812), Geranium Wreath (Product #58161) and our Tulip Tray (Product #55033).

To view the entire collection login at and enter the product number into the search section.

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!

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