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Our Latest Obsession…Holiday Traditions!

The holiday’s are about tradition. Here are a few of our favorites.  Holiday Traditions

Unique holiday accents feature block letters joined by twine to resemble mini garlands. Rough cut burlap lends to the casual appeal. This set of two will make a fun tabletop accent piece! This red LED lantern is a customer favorite! Bright red in color, this lantern features a pine tree cutout design and an LED candle with a 4/8 hour timer and the price point is unbeatable! Fashioned after paper bags, our holiday themed luminaria have an indoor/outdoor LED candle inside. Three different cutouts create the perfect holiday set! Keep them together or place them throughout your display!

Snowy owls are whimsical in nature as they perch atop a fallen log. Weathered white and brown in color, these owls have a touch of glitter snow for added holiday sparkle. A trio of lanterns hang from the branches of the adorable lantern tree accented with leaves and birds. Each lantern features glass panels as well. Add your own candles to create holiday glow!

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