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Our Latest Obsession…Garden Treasures!

The Garden Treasures collection brings jumping frogs, bright butterflies and fresh light into the home and garden! Garden Treasures wholesale product for retailersGarden Treasures wholesale product for retailers

The whimsical nature of our garden frogs adds character to outdoor spaces. Big eyes and bulging bellies enhance their charm. It’s impossible not to smile when you encounter these adorable accents! Our weathered, cast metal urns feature dimensional butterfly cutouts and ornate scroll handle design.

A Melrose outdoor display is never complete without a lantern or two! This quaint lantern features a tapered design with intricate metal work detailing and rests upon charming pedestal feet. Incorporate these fabulous finds into your garden, patio or porch to create a look that you are sure to love!

Featured Product: Butterfly Urns (Product #58382), Weathered Lantern (Product #54206) and our Frog Garden Accents (Product #58308 and #58309).

To view the entire collection login at and select Garden Treasures from our Home and Garden Collection!

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!

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