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Our Customer Service Will Surprise You!

At Melrose we combine high quality customer service with a little something extra, to make sure our retailers are happy. 

How is Melrose customer service?How is Melrose customer service?

You’ve been there before. Unpacking a new shipment of product—feeling the excitement of finally receiving things you ordered so long ago—only to find that an ornament is broken or a wreath totally smashed. You know your next step is to call for a refund or replacement but you just put it off dreading the time it will take and the argument you may be facing.

At Melrose we’re here to make sure that damaged product doesn’t become that nightmare for you. While—with over 5,000 SKUs to choose from and countless varieties and sizes of orders shipped each year—we’d be lying if we promised that every order would arrive in perfect condition. What we can promise is that if an item is damaged, you will have a pleasant experience with our team and receive a speedy resolution—whether that is a replacement or refund. And that is where our claims reps come in!

Enter Coulada, Claims Rep Extraordinaire
If you call Melrose to report a product problem and you will likely speak to our Claims Rep, Coulada Antonie. Coulada has been working for Melrose for just over a year and has strong views when it comes to our product. As Coulada puts it, “when people order from Melrose, they expect the best quality product, so when there is an issue I am here to make sure that it’s resolved. Our customers need to know we are focused on quality and customer service.”

Damage to items usually happens during shipping but sometimes they can be manufacturer’s defects that made it through the inspection process in the US. Once, Coulada had a customer call to report that an item had been damaged, then taped and painted over. “That customer not only got a refund on the item, but they also provided us with pictures of the damage. We were then able to talk to the factory and show them the damage to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

You Don’t Call Us, We Call You!
On slow days, Coulada has started something new. Instead of waiting for calls to come in—she reaches out to customers directly! How this works is Coulada combs through reviews on the Melrose International website to find lackluster reviews from customers who might not be satisfied with their purchases. Then she calls those customers to find out what went wrong.

“First I thank them for taking the time to write a review,” explains Coulada, “then I find out more about their concern and how I can make it right.” For instance she recently talked to a customer who was unhappy that the jewels were falling off the product she ordered. Coulada was able to send her a similar replacement product. But, more than that, “I was able to assure her that Melrose cares about product quality and that her review didn’t just go into a black box somewhere…it came to me!”

Our Ask of You
With our claims team ready, we have a request for you—don’t be shy! Reach out to us at 800-282-2144 to share any concerns about product. Or, if you have feedback that you think would help other retailers, review that product on our website. To write your review, just go to the product page and click the “Write a Review” link.

How to write a review on Melrose

However you reach us, and whether you have praise or a concern, we’re always looking to hearing from you!

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!

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