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One BIG Holiday Tradition You Won’t Want To Miss

This country florist has an amazing holiday tradition you have to read about!
Jeff's Country Florist
When Jeff and Pam Sneed planned their wedding 30 years ago they never thought it would lead to their future careers. But that’s just what happened when they had trouble finding the “right” florist in their town. Married in May they started Jeff’s Country Florist & Gifts in July of the same year—and they have been serving Glasgow, Kentucky ever since.

One of the biggest traditions for Jeff and Pam is their Annual Christmas Open House. Unlike other holiday store events, Jeff says he holds his party “Early, to catch people when they first start thinking about Christmas”. And he means early. Each year the event is held the weekend after Halloween.

For the open house, the store is fully set for Christmas and on Friday and Saturday customers are invited to shop the entire store at 30% off. This is the only holiday sale Jeff has which means there is a frenzy of shoppers, “They all want to buy when they see that everyone else wants to buy,” explains Jeff. By putting his main sale at the start of the season he gets shoppers coming in to stock up and sometimes, get a little carried away.

And there is good reason to get carried away too! A centerpiece of the Open House each year is a special deal offered by Jeff. This year he ordered dozens of white Churches from Melrose and offered them at an amazing price that drew customers in. Jeff said they were an incredible seller and got folks excited to start decorating for the holidays (and yes, Jeff decorates his home right after the annual open house is over!).

The Melrose Chruch in Jeff's Country Florist & Gifts Store!

The Melrose Church in Jeff’s Country Florist and Gifts Store!

Aside from the specials, shoppers can enjoy snacks, beverages and of course, their first dose of Christmas music. On Friday evening Santa also makes a special appearance. “He’s the real deal, with a real beard and all.” Jeff explained that visiting this quality Santa is a family tradition for many in Glasgow who bring their cameras to snap photos of their little ones on his knee.

From a young married couple’s floral dreams to a thriving gift and flower shop, Jeff’s Country Florist & Gifts has grown over the years. The one thing that hasn’t changed is Jeff and Pam’s dedication to their customers and community.

Do you hold special holiday events for your customers? Perhaps a very early or even a very late sale? We’d love to hear about your shop traditions in the comments section below!


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