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O Christmas Tree

We’re sharing our secrets for creating picture-perfect Christmas tree displays for your store.

Can you believe that it’s already time to begin thinking about decorating your store for the holidays? At Melrose, we have everything you need to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere. And when thinking about decorating for the holidays, what comes to mind first? The Christmas tree, of course!

While there are many ways to create a beautiful and artistic Christmas tree, Melrose knows that there is some science to this art.And what is our formula for dazzling Christmas trees? We’re sharing all the details here. But here are the highlights:

• Use 20 to 25 ornaments per foot of tree

• Use half the amount of ornaments in stems (10 to 12 stems per foot of tree)

• Use 40 to 60 yards of ribbon (between 2 ½ and 4 in. wide) for trees between 6 and 12 ft. tall

For the proper amount, use this calculator to find exactly what you need for different-sized trees.

This all brings us to one of our very favorite Christmas trees, Winter Skate. If you are looking for a tree that is both stylish and fun, Winter Skate is for you! In addition to traditional decorations, it can be adorned with up to four different types of ice skates. Want to make it yourself? Here’s what we used …

Ice Skate Ornament Glass (silver/white)

Ice Skate Ornament Glass (silver/red)

Square Winter Tree Ornament (silver/white)

Dove Ornament (white/silver)

Pinecone Ornament w/Cardinal (white/gold/silver)

Heart Ornament (white)

Glitter Ornament (white)

Glitter Ornament (red/white)

Glitter Ornament (silver/white)

Ball/Shuttle/Onion Ornament (red/silver)

Ornament w/Scroll Pattern (grey/white)

Frosted Bell Ornament (frosted/silver)

Filigree Ice Skate w/Glitter (white)

Filigree Ornament w/Glitter (white)

Icicle (red)

Ornament (silver)

Ornament (assorted colors)

Ice Skate Ornament (white)

Icicle (clear/white)

Pinecone Ornament (grey)

Angel Ornament (white/silver)

Berries w/Snow Spray (red)

Snow Cypress/Bell Spray (green/red)

Snow Berry/Pine Branch (red/green)

Frosted Pinecone Branch (frosted/silver)

Snow Beaded Spray (white)

Frosted Eucalyptus Spray (green)

Snow Covered Holly Spray (frosted green/red)

Wired Polyester (red/white/grey)

The Winter Skate is just one of our favorite Christmas tree designs. From our sophisticated and luxe Frosted Greens to our traditional Home for Christmas and classic Simply Cheerful, we have lots of looks to love. Find the one that’s perfect for your store (and exactly how to create it) by logging in to and looking for the 2012 Christmas Tree Recipe Catalog.

And don’t forget to share your pictures with us! They would be perfect for our Be Inspired holiday contest!

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