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New Year’s Reset

We hear a lot about “New Year New You” but what does that really mean? Thinking beyond cosmetic changes to real life refreshes, for you and your business, is the focus of our New Year’s Rest blog.

New Year 2015 for RetailersNew Year 2015 for RetailersAs we start 2015, it’s out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new in a lot of ways. Resetting yourself and your business is a great way to celebrate the New Year. Whether you choose to reset of your environment, your digital life or even your lifestyle, we’re sharing a few simple ways to refresh your life this year.

Reset your environment

Sometimes the best mind refresh starts with a reset of the environment around you. When your home or business is disorganized it can be more taxing on your mind than you realize—think of the sigh of relief you get just by making your bed, even if the rest of your room is still a mess. To get the joy, start off with these two environmental refreshers.

~ Clean out your home or office junk drawer. No need to take on a huge project. Instead get an immediate rush just by cleaning out your junk drawer. Toss expired coupons, organize pens and paper clips into a Ziploc bag, and put away items that belong somewhere else.
~ Tackle that paper pile on your desk. Most of us have a pile of “important” papers on our desk or the kitchen table at home. For many that pile functions as a to-do list. But that pile is also a reminder of work that can feel overwhelming after a while. So force yourself to look through every item and address the issue or, file the paper.

Reset digital

As we’ve grown more dependent on digital as a culture—from email to smartphones to social media—we don’t always think about the upkeep of these elements of our life. Just like cleaning your home, your digital house also needs a little upkeep. Below are three simple ways to reset.

~ Clean out your email inbox. Unsubscribe yourself from useless mailing lists, set up folders or labels to save emails you need, and archive emails you don’t need. For more email tips and tricks check out this Mashable article.
~ Clear out old electronics and gadgets. Get a new phone or camera for Christmas? Consider recycling the old one along with any other old or broken electronics hanging around your junk drawer. To start, check out the EPAs plug-in recycling program.
~ Love your phone. Whatever smartphone you have, we bet you’ve got apps you never use. Some of them may even be running in the background of your phone and draining your battery. So take a dive into your phone’s settings and delete that old calorie counter or price checker app.

Reset yourself

The more relaxed and refreshed you are, the more productive you can be. So take a moment to reset yourself and see the efficiency in your life and work grow.

~ Be here now. Try to live in the experience of what you are doing right now. Forget multitasking and instead take “Be Here Now” as your mantra. This will allow you to focus on what you’re doing and be more productive, or even who you are with to enjoy their company more.
~ Have a cup of tea. Or coffee. Or any other beverage and enjoy the moment. Let your mind relax and you’ll find it keeps working on your problems in the background. This “eureka” phenomenon is how many famous inventions have come to be, from Ben Franklin’s electricity experiments to the Greek myth of Archimedes.

How do you like to ring in the New Year? Share your reset tips in the comments section below. And, for more ideas on how to refresh yourself, see this blog.

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