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Mother’s Day Rescue

Quick tricks for more Mother’s Day sales in your store.mothers day blog-01Mother’s Day as we know it started over 100 years ago. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor all mothers. And thus, children everywhere started creating handwritten cards, lovingly stringing macaroni necklaces and gathering twists of wildflowers from empty lots.

Of course, in the gift and floral world, Mother’s Day is big business as husbands, spouses and grown children search for sincere, spring inspired gifts and floral for the mother figures in their lives. So, if Mother’s Day has crept up on you, or if you’re just looking for a few last-minute ideas, read on to see how you can inspire Mother’s Day sales in your store.

Create a simple display near the entryway of your store with items appropriate for Mother’s Day gifts. Add a sign reminding shoppers that “Mother’s Day is May 14”. If you offer free gift wrapping call that out too with a “Free Gift Wrapping for Mother’s Day Gifts”.

Train yourself and your team to gently upsell Mother’s Day gifts as they help customers. Consider products that come in varying sizes like candles, chocolates, floral and even home items like baskets and lanterns. All you need to do is know the cost difference between the items and the size difference. “For a few dollars, more you can get her a candle that will burn for 24 more hours.” “If you really want to wow her the next size up wreath has 16 more flowers and just costs $5 more.”

Cross Sell
Rotate the point of sale merchandise near your cash register to a selection of low priced, impulse items that will appeal to moms. As customers check out with Mother’s Day gift ask if they would like “to round out their gift” with of the items.

As you check your shoppers out over the next few weeks ask if the item is intended as a Mother’s Day gift. If so say you are slipping in your own gift, a $5 gift card, for the recipient to bring in any time in May. If they say no, consider sharing the gift card anyway with a “well you look like you’d enjoy this but don’t tell anyone I gave it to you”.

From reminding shoppers that Mother’s Day is coming to upselling them to larger sizes, cross-selling additional items or bringing shoppers (and gift recipients!) back to your store there are plenty of ways you can still take advantage of Mother’s Day in your shop.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your store? Are you offering special discounts, remerchandising your store or including call out signage? We’d love to hear about your strategies in the comments section below.


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