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Most Loved Product…Urban Elemental!

Vintage charm and charecter gets an edgy twist with Urban Elemental.
Urban Elemental products for retailers

Urban elemental is warm, cozy, relaxing and full of vintage charm and character. It’s also surprisingly savvy!

This well loved trend balances the old with the new in fresh, neutral palates that are in tune wiht elements from nature and creates an enviornment that looks as if it evolved over time. 

Find all the items listed below, and more, on our website.

Featured Items:
Tiered Basket/Caddy – 66715
Hinge Top Lanterns – 66714
Feed Trough Caddy – 66740

Other Items in the Collection:
Jar Pendant Light – 64790
Standing Feather On Base – 66793
Double Duty Side Tables – 66722


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