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Merchandising Inspiration – Reorganize Your Shop to Re-energize Your Merchandise

Tips to freshen up your merchandise!

We’ve all been there. In a rut. You walk into your store and it feels like the same old thing. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Use these three tricks to mix-up product and make something old, feel like something new.

  1. Organize by color. Many shops are organized by category—candles on a table in the front, vases on a shelf in the back and floral in-between. Instead, mix-up merchandise and organize by color. Put that white magnolia and hydrangea bouquet in a white vase and your white candles up front. Pull in pops of color in the back with red product on one shelf and blue on another. This will pull the eye back and make your regular customers feel like you have new product – which means they may buy something they never noticed before.
  2. Create a tablescape. Show your customers how they can use your merchandise in their home! Create a centerpiece tablescape in your store that will inspire your customers to pick up a few platters, candles and floral to make their party tables something special. Use the table to share gourmet treats when your store hosts events. To get started check out this Poppy Collection Tutorial from our designer Ken Fetgatter.
  3. Create color bands. Similar to organizing by color, color bands can be used to draw the eye and make product pop. Choose a color that goes with the time of year—juicy oranges and bright yellows in the summer, rich greens and browns in fall—and pull product that fits with your color band from around your shop. Then create an area in the store that features those products. Your customers will react to the seasonality of the area even if some of the product is not strictly seasonal.

By reorganizing your product, you’ll reinvigorate your store. You’ll feel it. And your customers will feel it, too. Do you have a story about how changing up merchandise impacted sales? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below—or better yet, send us a picture. You may see it featured on a future blog!


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