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Melrose Samples Are Arriving Now!

The Melrose sample process is a well-oiled machine making sure you get the best products in your store!home and garden timeline
We’ve shared our creative process with you before and even shared how our buying trips overseas bring quality products to our warehouses. But, have you ever wondered what happens after we get the samples in? How do we get the raw items from the box into the catalog?

Our 2017 Home & Garden catalog process really starts with the samples, which are arriving at our headquarters now, in preparation for the summer shows. For the next few weeks our Sample Assistant will be VERY busy measuring all samples (length, width, height and weight) and giving each item a product description. From there, Kay, our photographer, will photograph each sample on a white background for the website and our catalog.

All that measuring and photographing can take a full month (sometimes longer) and during that time we make sure that duplicate samples are sent to each showroom (Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Minnesota and LA) in preparation for the summer shows. There our designers bring the collections to life and create a showroom that helps you grasp the concept of each collection!

Finally, after the summer show season, Kay will process the images she took in June and then the catalog layout process begins. This step can also take up to a month. Every page of the catalog needs to proofed and sometimes edited before a final layout and finally being uploaded to the printer. That means you should start checking your mailbox (and email!) in early September for the 2017 Home & Garden Catalog.

It’s a long road of concept to sample to retail but we know our quality products are worth the effort!

Tell us about your retail process. How do you go from show to shop and what is your website or catalog inventory update like? We’d like to hear from you in the comments below!



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