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Melrose Holiday Special: Trees and Traditions!

The holidays bring out the best in family traditions so in that spirit we’re sharing our favorite family traditions—and trees from our staff. 

Happy HolidaysHappy HolidaysYou probably already know about our strong commitment to providing great customer service at Melrose. What you may not know is how much we value our employees. Our staff embodies the Melrose spirit by bringing that great customer service we are known for to life every day.

So in celebration of the great people who work at Melrose, we are sharing what makes the holidays so special to them—the Trees and Traditions of our staff.

“My favorite tradition would have to be putting up the tree. Every ornament has a special meaning. From the ones the boys made in school to the new ones that I get every year to remember my son Damian, my Mom and my husband’s Mom who have all passed. Every year I look for ornaments that remind me of them. And I love the time spent with my family and friends. From cookie day to hosting my family Christmas. Love the season!” Debbie Vogel, Office Support – See Debbie’s amazing tree below!Debbie Vogel

“The youngest grandchild reads the Christmas story from the Bible every year before we open gifts. This has been something my grandma has done since she was a child, and we continue to do it now even after my grandma has passed on. Looking forward to creating our own traditions as my husband and I start our own life together!”  Sarah Hagan, Marketing Assistant – See Sarah and her husband below.Sarah Hagan_SMALL

“Our traditions are: Elf on the shelf, watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve before bed, milk and cookies for Santa, going to my folks for Christmas Eve, all the kids get their new Christmas jammies and open gifts from each other and Grammie and Papa.  We also get to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy cake and ice cream for my father—our Christmas Eve baby. Then we all go home and wait for Santa.” Lesley Wright, Office Support – See Lesley’s tree below.Lesley Wright

“Our family traditions is we go to Christmas Eve service together at church then have a Christmas movie night.” Tami Viar, Claims – See Tami’s tree (and doggie!) below.Tami Viar

“We do 3 different trees: a traditional tree with antique Christmas ornaments in the dining room, a family tree in the living room, and a fun, kids tree upstairs by the kids’ rooms. But it’s not a tree Christmas tree in our house if there aren’t candy canes on the tree!” Brianne Skien, Digital Coordinator/Marketing – See Brianne’s living room tree below. Brianne Skien

“Ever since I was young, on Christmas Eve we would receive a present that night and it would be pajamas. I carried that tradition on with my daughter. So she expects pajamas Christmas eve every year.” Missy Abernathy, Accounts Receivable – See Missy’s tree, and some of those presents, below.

Missy Abernathy_SMALL

“On Christmas morning, my parents and siblings come over for a Christmas breakfast and to watch my kids open their gifts. It always means so much to have the close family time before the excitement of the day! We are also starting a new tradition this year of a skype session with my brother who is serving our country overseas to open the gifts that he sent.”  Crystal Zehnle, Marketing Assistant  – See Crystal’s lovely tree below.Crystal Zehnle

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Do you have a tree to rival ours? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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