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Let Fall Fashion Inspire Your Store!

Today we draw inspiration from the colors, patterns, and textures of Fall 2017.fall fashion blog-01If you listen to Elle, fall fashion will draw inspiration from “Vintage-inspired everything”. And that’s great news for your shop. Of course, you’ll want your store to say fall with traditional colors and fall icons but it’s easy to also imbibe fashion with vintage tinges into your look. Whether your store is gift shop glamor, shabby chic, urban cool or floral bliss—check out how you can bring in the latest looks perfect for you!

Gift Shop Glamor
If your shop is on the sparkly side of glamor favoring mirrors, gems and stardust this vintage look is a boon. Bring in hanging images of sparkle retro boots and then let your imagination run wild. Don’t be afraid to stop with silver sparkles as other colors like blue and red are on trend. Just remember to stop somewhere as home trends tend to lag a few years behind fashion. This means that Fall fashion should provide pops of interest to help you seem relevant but that you should stop before shoppers feel like they’re on a spaceship.

Shabby Chic
If your shop favors whites, vintage tables, and florals you don’t have much work in front of you. But you might consider adding some color to the more monochromatic displays you have in your store. One idea can be pulled right off the runway in a trend Elle calls “Couch Florals” – which Elle describes as “Designers looked to their aunt’s living room this season, applying vintage floral prints to everything from casual tops to princess gowns. It’s window (and couch) dressing, taken literally.” Consider adding vintage tablecloths or even actually grabbing an heirloom couch from your Aunt’s basement. What’s old is new!

Urban Cool
If your shop favors more streamlined metal and wood with perhaps a succulent pot or two then consider two trends – vintage furs and 70’s plaid. For the fur look an actual vintage fur coat (we aren’t for killing live animals, but why not honor fur already in existence?) and use it as a throw on a midcentury modern chair. Alternately, consider plaid accent pieces like lamp covers, wall hangings or tablecloths. Bonus points for thick plaid scarves hung on a retro butler stand.

Floral Bliss
If floral is highlighted over gift items at your shop, then make sure you read the Shabby Chic section above. In addition, we were thrilled to find that Victorian Ruffle Collars are trending. We love that this look is coming back because it’s a perfect addition to take home bouquets and can be achieved with wide white collar-like ribbon paired with an accent color.

As you start to plan your Fall 2017 store looks you’ll, of course, want to bring in themed colors, pumpkins, and other classic elements. But consider too, bringing in some of the high fashion world to make your shop feel cutting edge, just be sure to find the trends that are a fit for your store.

Have you started planning your Fall 2017 look? We’d love to hear about your inspiration in the comments below.

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