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Lanterns are the New Gift Basket!

The gift baskets of yesteryear are gone and a new wave of stylish lantern-baskets are here. Find out everything you need to know from product to placement in our new videos!
Great Lantern Gift Baskets for retailers any occasionGreat Lantern Gift Baskets for retailers any occasion

It’s that customer that comes into your store looking for a gift idea who just isn’t sure what to buy. In the past you may have recommended a vase or candle, but why not try something new, with a higher ring, that is sure to please? We’ve got a great solution for your gift shopping customers–try our take on Gift Basket Lanterns and find out how to make them with our new videos!

Getting Started with Lanterns as Gift Baskets
To get you started we’ve got videos featuring three contemporary ideas for gift baskets that use Melrose product paired with other items you are likely to sell in your store. These videos can be your inspiration for using product you already have on hand to design amazing baskets your customers will love.

For Foodie Italian Lantern Set
A checkered tablecloth sets the stage for a foodie inspired set that includes wooden utensils, olive oil, bread sticks, and tomato sauce all tied with a red bow. As you can see in the video, the genius of a lantern is that items like wine, vinegar, olive oil and other taller products fit easily inside.

For Baby White Metal Lantern Set
A white metal lantern paired with soft baby blankets, cute bottles and other accessories creates an ideal gift for a new mom. Create one for boy and one for girl as shown in the video or even design a gender neutral lantern for parents choosing that ultimate surprise!

For the Sweet Tooth Red Candy Lantern Set
Candy is a gift that crosses genders and generations to please everyone. Nostalgic sweets like red licorice and candy twists inspire young and old alike. And, as you’ll see in the video, the bright colors of the individually bagged treats catch the eye when placed in our red lanterns. This Lantern Gift Basket is truly a gift for anyone.

Why Gift Baskets?
Gift Baskets are great because they allow you to bring together several items under a theme to sell to your customer all at one time. You can include popular items paired with items that maybe aren’t selling as well on their own. Additionally, you can either mark the basket up a little since you put the time into creating it, or you can mark it down for a faster product turn. However you decide to manage your gift baskets—with our lantern twist we’re sure you’ll see them flying out the door.

Are you making amazing gift baskets in your retail shop? We’d love to hear what themes you’re using, what you’re packaging them in and how they are selling in your store. Share your story in the comments below!

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