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Lantern Gift Baskets are a Holiday Boom!

Get inspired for holiday with one retailers smashing lantern success story!!lantern gift baskets are a retailer's boom!lantern gift baskets are a retailer's boom!
Our recent Lantern Gift basket blog has inspired a lot of you. But we’ve heard from one retailer who’s taken the idea to the next level! Debbie and Sarah Wittbrodt the mother daughter team who run Treasure Baskets in Grand Blanc Michigan have recently sold 125 large lantern gift baskets to a single customer! Find out how they did it and how you can too!

“Treasure Baskets has been specializing in gift baskets for our customers for more than 28 years and we thought we’d seen everything,” Said Debbie. But when Debbie and Sarah were at Dallas Market in June, their Melrose Rep, Cindy Valerio, showed them a new way to make gift baskets—by building them inside lanterns! “I just loved the idea, and I knew our customers would too” explained Debbie.

“So how did we get that first order of 125 large lanterns and then that second order for the 125 medium ones?” Debbie asks. The answer is simple but ingenious. She and Sarah ordered a few preliminary sets of lanterns (which come in a set of three including a small, medium and large lantern), and created a few examples to show to their best customers.

“The first order for the largest lanterns came in from a long time customer for corporate gifting almost right away” says Debbie. She was then able to sell the medium lanterns to another customer. “We’re making the small lanterns into gift baskets to be sold in store and to other smaller clients,” she added.

Gift baskets are not all big sales though, “One watch out I’d give to other retailers is to think about the time it takes to make the baskets and deliver them,” cautions Debbie. When you price your product be sure to take that time into account.

What’s in their lantern gift baskets?

Treasure baskets is working on several different lantern options, for fall and holiday.

  1. Fall lanterns are merchandised with:  Fall paper hand towels and fall treats (think premium baking mixes) and a candle. The lanterns are finished with ribbon in fall colors that bring together the product inside.
  2. Holiday lanterns include more products and sell at a higher price point. This includes: Christmas hand towels and napkins, a coordinating candle with ribbon and a special holiday ornament. These all sit atop pretty shredded paper and the lantern is finished off with a matching ribbon and greenery.
  3. The Made in Michigan lanterns is a new creation for holiday that will feature products made in, you guessed it, Michigan. Products include:  Pasta, pasta sauce, holiday towels, and Sanders Chocolates from Detroit Michigan.

Lantern 1    Lantenr 2“We’re always working on more lantern ideas” explains Debbie. Below are pictures of the latest which will be used to promote the lantern gift baskets on Facebook, the Treasure Basket website and even through handouts given to local businesses that may need corporate holiday gifts.

Are you using lantern gift baskets in your store? We’d love to hear how you merchandise them in the comments section below!

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