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All About Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site growing in popularity with 18-50 year olds. Here’s what you need to know!Instagram for retail storesInstagram for retail stores

Remember the days when Facebook was the end all, be all, when it came to social media? As sharing online has grown in popularity so have the ways in which people can share–and the days of Facebook as King-of-it-all are numbered. That’s where Instagram comes in. Instagram started as a photo sharing app in 2010 and was purchased to become a part of the Facebook family in 2012. Aside from photos, users can now share videos, too.

You are probably wondering why Facebook didn’t just absorb Instagram so users could enjoy it without learning to use a new social site. A few things make Instagram different from Facebook and other social sites giving it a reason for being, all on its own:

~ The focus is on pictures and video not words and links. You can post a picture or video without even a caption if you wish. This means users of Instagram place a higher emphasis on images than words—which is a little different from the average Facebook user.

~ Images shared on Instagram are public. If you share a picture, like sharing a pin on Pinterest, other users can search for, and see that image. In comparison content on Facebook tends to be much more private with most people only sharing posts with their friends.

~ Images are searchable. As a user if you want to see pictures of your upcoming vacation destination you can search #Paris and see real pictures that other people took there.

~Images can be easily edited to change color, tone, blur edges and crop- among other things- to make pictures more fun and engaging before sharing. Facebook has introduced some of these capabilities, but Instagram is at the head-of-the-class when it comes to editing images.

These are the key differences between Instagram and other social sites, like Facebook. By now you are probably wondering how Instagram could be used by your business to reach out to a broader, possibly younger, audience. Stay tuned for next week’s blog: “How can I use Instagram to Promote my Retail Store?” We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of promotion. In the meantime this Instagram 101 for business is a good read if you want to jump in and setup a business profile right away.


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