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How to Write Good Product Descriptions

Sometimes it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it…Soap
Good lighting and some grooving tunes are proven to increase your sales. But what about how you describe your product? Yes, that can have a significant impact on sales too.

For example, if we told you that we just launched a candle with a battery you might say – oh but I love the moving flame of a real candle. Which is exactly why we take that into account when we talk about our Simplux candles—by focusing on the realistic flame in product descriptions.

As a retailer, product descriptions are a requirement for social media, mailers, emails and websites. So we’ve got 4 pointers for you make the most of your descriptions to really entice your customers to buy! We’ve also got an example product description from the Attention Getting Marketing blog.

Know what you’re selling
Start by making a quick list of what’s great about your product. Don’t worry about complete sentences. Just list out what you like about the product, what your customers will like and what makes it unique. This could include a variety of things – made from recycled materials, to great price point, to the best of its kind for _____ reason. Don’t sensor yourself or try to say it pretty, just list it out.

Know who you’re talking to
Once you’ve got a list of the great things about your product it’s time to make a separate list—of who will want to buy it! Just jot down the kind of person who will be interested. Think broadly of age, gender, life stage and motivation. Then read over your list and write a specific profile of your ideal customer and even give them a name to make it more real. For instance, your Simplux buyer may look like this: “Lauren is a 31-year-old mother of baby Eve and is looking for a candle to make her home warm and trendy but wants something that is safe for her daughter to be around.”

Match up your sales pitch with your shopper
Now match up your product description with your shopper. Just grab a highlighter and mark the items from both lists that most complement each other.

Share the juiciest details
From your highlighted list pull out the juiciest details to write your product description. This is when you’ll want to sharpen your pencil and get down to business. Don’t be afraid to use descriptive language and try to get to the value of the item. Below is a great example from Apartment Therapy, courtesy of Attention Getting Marketing.

Example Copy courtesy of Attention Getting Marketing

Provendi Rotating Soap Fixture (pictured above)

“I love these so much we used to sell them through our little online Apartment Therapy store years ago. They were hard to find, but leave it to Anthro to solve that problem. Designed for public schools in France, the ‘sweetly scented, softly foaming vegetable-based soap’ rotates and slowly wears down. New soap replacements just get screwed onto the ‘spike.’ It’s a great solution for kitchen sinks, bathrooms without a lot of counter space OR beside bathtubs or outdoor showers. Oh, and it’s a conversation starter as well.”

Why This Product Copy Works

~ It solves a problem – “great solution for bathrooms without a lot of counter space”
~ It has an European chic appeal – “designed for schools in France”
~ It has eco-appeal – “vegetable-based soap”
~ It will last a long time – “slowly wears down”
~ It can go in multiple rooms “kitchen sinks, small bathrooms, outdoor showers”, so encourages buying more than one
~ It is a cool product – “conversation starter”

Are you writing your own compelling product descriptions? Are you seeing them improve your business? We’d love to hear about your success –and see an example of your work – in the comments below!

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