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How to Sell More Gift Cards

You’ve got Gift Cards in stock…now what?unnamed
Last week we shared a blog on how gift cards can increase profit in your store. Now we’re taking it a step further to share ways you can sell MORE gift cards in your store. From holidays to everyday we’ve got proven strategies for you to use!

Go BOGO Baby!
Reward customers for getting larger value gift cards. Consider offering a $10 gift card for every $100 gift card purchased. As we learned last week most shoppers see gift cards as “free money” and are likely to buy higher value produces. Even if your shopper just turns around and uses the total $110 right then they are likely buying more than they would have otherwise. And if it incentives them to come back again to use the $10 card—they will surely spend more!

Make it Pretty!
Part of the pleasure of the gift is a nice wrapping job; a gift card can fall a little flat in this department. So spice things up by putting the gift card in a nice gift card box and tying it with a ribbon. Or put it in an envelope and finishing it in a small bag with tissue paper. Of course, there is no reason to go overboard, ala Love Actually.

Plus Up That Sale!
People often like to give a little gift with their Gift Card. So make it easy for them by having a nice assortment of $5 and $10 items near the register. When they checkout ask if they would like a gift card add on. This could be stacking rings that sell for $10 each, pretty candles or sweet treats. Whatever you choose, make sure you offer it for consideration with gift card purchases and have proper wrapping ready.

That Donation Ask!
No doubt people have come into your shop and asked for donations for local charity auctions. Next time, instead of giving a gift basket or other consumable item, consider Gift Cards. These are easier to send in for donation. And, unlike a product donation, the winner must come into the store to use it.

When it comes to selling gift cards in your store consider promoting them with BOGO offers, wrap them up nicely and shoot for add on sales. Finally, you can always leverage your gift card to bring new shoppers into your store through charity donations.

Have you been getting extra millage from gift cards in your shop? What impulse items pair well with gift cards? What kinds of sales do you offer with them? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below!

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