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How to Sell More at Your After Holiday Sale

During this year’s post-holiday sale don’t just ditch your dogs, inspire you customers to buy your new products, too! A Retailers Guide to After Holiday SalesA Retailers Guide to After Holiday Sales

This year’s after Christmas sale is going to be different. You’re not just going to mark your leftover Christmas ornaments and slightly damaged candles 50% off on your back shelf. You’re not going to simply stack holiday gift bags and boxes at the bottom of the display or shove that lone stuffed Santa into the corner. Instead you’re going to celebrate your leftover holiday merchandise and use it to sell your new product, too! Here’s how.

How to use your after holiday sale to sell more!

First, know your product
Over the next few weeks gain an idea of what inventory you may have left after the holidays. Ask yourself:  What’s selling slowly? What do you have a box of in storage? What items may you want to include in an after Christmas sale just to get them out of your way as spring merchandise comes in (think seasonal or giftable items brought in just for the holidays)? Make a running list and cross off any items that sell out earlier than expected.

Next, shakeup your store layout
Where will you place your sale merchandise? It’s traditional to put newer merchandise in the front of the store and sale merchandise in the back. We’re recommending a little shake up to this plan! Consider putting some new spring merchandise towards the front of your store and then placing the remainder nearer the back of the store by your holiday sale area. The goal here is to get shoppers to buy BOTH your discount products and your new ones and placing them near each other can help.

Finally, don’t forget to train your staff
Piggybacking on placing new merchandise near your sale merchandise to increase buy rate, you also make sure you train your staff so they can help here too. Staff should be fully immersed in the new product so they can help guide your customers to the best new items while they are in store. This can mean sampling new edibles, sharing the story of a great gift item, or just showing off fresh floral to shoppers ready to trade in holiday décor for something lighter and more fun.

However you decide to shake up your holiday sale routine, we suggest you have your plan of attack ready before the holidays are officially over. Know what you are going to put on sale. Know how you are going to position your sale items with your new product to sell more of both, and have your staff ready to execute your plans. Taking these steps will allow you to not only  sell through any leftover holiday merchandise but also to get a start on enticing your shoppers with what’s to come in the spring.

Do you have secrets to success when it comes to after holiday sales? We want to hear about them—share your story in the comments below!

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