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How To: Properly Shape a Wreath

The best selling wreaths have that perfect shape, find out how to achieve it!How To Shape a WreathWe all know that the packaging and shipping process can leave some wreaths a little out of proportion. And, that getting a perfectly full, carelessly symmetrical wreath sometimes requires a little help. That’s why today’s “How To” focuses on the technique to achieve a Perfectly Shaped Wreath.

To find out how to make your wreath perfect, watch the video above; or follow these four simple steps:

1. Moving in a circular direction pull stems outward

2. Start at the bottom of each stem moving towards the top as you are pulling outwards

3. Continue techniques until you have reached the desired fullness

4. Adjust foliage and add final touches!

Do you use this technique to fan out your perfect wreath? Maybe you have a secret of your own! Share with us in the comments below!


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