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How to Engage your Customers with Twitter Polls

With the unique features Twitter offers, you can’t afford not to use it!


If you have a Twitter account for your shop you’re probably like most companies—using it for customer service. This means you watch to see what your customers are saying about your store and products–and if there are any negative comments–jump on them faster than a granny hits the sale shelf in your store!

But, did you know there are other ways to use Twitter? Specifically, you can use Twitter Polls to engage your customers and generate more sales. We got some Twinspriation (yes, Twitter + Inspiration!) from our friends at Hootsuite and are sharing 3 ways you can use Twitter Polls in your store.
To get you started, below is a quick overview of the options for making a poll…now, on to how to use them!How To Twitter Polls Find your next hot seller!
Are you at market trying (it’s so hard!) to choose between two great new products? Have your customers help you “settle an argument” by asking which products are better or which they would like to see more of. This gives you insight into both general trends and also into what your specific customers like.
Twitter 1Find out if your customers know about your products
If you’ve been talking about your new product line on social and in email and you want to see if that chatter is resonating with your customers, a poll can be the perfect method. After all, there is no better way to find out if people have heard of your hot product than to ask! Bonus: you can also use the poll to share more info in case your followers haven’t heard about your new product.Twitter 2Engage your customers in planning your next event
Pump up your next in-store event and get more people to attend by allowing them to help you plan it! Execute a series of polls that asks them questions leading up to the event while sharing the event date as you go. Find out if you should serve wine or margaritas, apps or dessert and if $20 off a 100 purchase is better than 25% off the entire store.Twitter 3While Facebook is the most common social media platform that retailers and their customers use, Twitter offers unique communication options, like Polls, that retailers can leverage for a variety of uses. This includes choosing new product for their stores, checking product recall information or planning events and sales.

How are you using Twitter or other social media platforms to communicate with your shoppers? We’d love to hear about your methods in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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