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Every year it’s on the list—clean out the clutter. But, how to start? We’ve got you covered in this blog. How do I get my retail store organized

How do I get my retail store organized

January is over, and if you’re like us, you probably have a few New Year’s Resolutions that fell by the wayside. Darn it, in the last 30 days we didn’t learn French, clean out our closets and exercise every day all while cooking healthy organic meals for our families! (If you did, more power to ya, we’d like to know your secret!) The good news is, not meeting every resolution doesn’t mean they’re all out the window just because it’s the end of month 1! In fact, we’re choosing one resolution to stick to—cleaning out the clutter. We invite you to join us by cleaning out the clutter in your store, and in your life, with the ideas below!

  1. Everything should be in a place where it “lives”. Or, as grandmother would say, “A place for everything and everything in its place”. If you know where the stapler goes, then it’s going to be in the drawer in your office and not taking up counter space where your customers sign their receipts. Take one minute, right now, to look around your store and make a place for one piece of clutter to live. There. Now it’s no longer clutter!
  2. A quick office survey shows that most of us at Melrose get the mail and then pile it up on the kitchen counter. At your store we bet you’ve got a stack or two squirreled away in some corner. We found the mantra “Touch every paper, only once” helpful when thinking about mail. As soon as the letter carrier arrives, sort through your mail and recycle your junk mail immediately. Then, open your bills (throw away all the free offer slips) and file them in your office. Finally, you can get to your Gifts and Dec magazine or that invitation to the chamber of commerce dinner.
  3. Take a peek at your sale section. Is it looking a little wilted? Are there items on that shelf so far out of season they are about to be in-season again? Grab a box, write DONATE on the front, and toss in the items that really aren’t going to sell. Once that’s over, set it aside to take to your local thrift store, and then spend a few minutes organizing the rest. A pleasing arrangement can help the remaining items sell quickly.
  4. Now, let’s dig in deep and talk about your store room. It’s probably not large but we bet it’s full. We find the best thing to do in this type of situation is to come in early or when the store is closed and take everything out. Arrange all that stuff on the floor where you can see it. Put all the cleaning supplies together. Place upcoming inventory on one side. Use one of those big, black garbage bags for any junk you find. Once things are organized outside the storage room (or inside if it’s big enough!) decide where each item will go and then put it away.

The idea of cleaning out the clutter is appealing at this time of year largely because the New Year is seen as a time for a fresh start. But it’s not just a fresh start for your store—it can also be a fresh start for you. In fact, researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute published a study that concluded that physical clutter creates mental clutter. An excess of things without places acts as stimuli on your brain that can distract you from your tasks or even impact your mental well-being. So taking some time this year—even if it’s no longer New Year’s Resolution time—to clear out the clutter will help you feel more centered and more focused on your store, and your life!

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