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How do I hire an intern for my store?

How to find a great college intern to help you with finance, marketing, design and more! 

How do I hire an intern for my store? How do I hire an intern for my store?

Hiring a summer intern for your business can be a rich and rewarding experience for both you and your intern. Perhaps you’ve considered hiring an intern before but didn’t know how to begin. Since it’s the time of year to start looking for summer interns, we’ve road-mapped a path to success for you to find, and hire, your perfect intern!

First, decide what you’d like an intern to help you with. Make a list. Are you looking for some fresh design ideas? Do you need someone to help you with Facebook and creating flyers? Or could you use some help with everyday bookkeeping and other office work you never seem to have time for? Once you have an idea of the areas you think you might need assistance ask yourself: would this work lead to professional growth for a college student? Is it clear and executable with a beginning and an end? Or is it an ongoing project or something more complex that it requires a professional?

Once you know what kind of work you’d like to hire an intern for— and you’re sure that its proper work for a college student—sit down and write up a job description. This should be as detailed as possible starting with the job title and summary. Then include key responsibilities of the internship along with skills and qualifications (think year in school, courses completed, major) you’d like your intern to have. Then share some information about your company and location, the pay offered (or school credit) and hours you’d expect the intern to work. Be sure to include your contact information at the bottom.

Next reach out to your local college. This can be a major university, a private college or even a local junior college. Start by reaching out to the career center and work with them to post an official internship. They can offer you guidance on things like hours, pay and offering the internship for college credit. Then reach out to the faculty—you should be able to find the heads of departments online. They are always looking to place students in internships and can help hand select great candidates.

Once you have a pool of applicants you’ll want to bring them in and interview them just as you would interview candidates for any other position. Just remember that their job experience may be partially classroom based. If you’re interviewing a student to help with store design be sure to ask to look at their portfolio.

Finally, keep in mind that your commitment to your intern is only beginning when they start their internship with you; it is your responsibility to make sure they have an educational experience that will help them obtain a job later. Try to vary their experiences, offer new opportunities, let them make mistakes and share wisdom you’ve gained from your years as an entrepreneur.

Having an intern in your store can be a growing experience for you as well as them. They will bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to your company and, hopefully, they will leave with great experiences they will value for years to come.

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