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Houzz – The Latest Trends in Store Design

You may have heard or Houzz, a popular home design website, but did you know it has tools just for retailers!

Houzz for retail storesHouzz for retail stores

In the design world Houzz is a holy grail. A website created for consumers to find style and design ideas for their homes. They can create IdeaBooks and save images they like to reference later. And—in a stroke of genius going one step beyond social sites like Pinterest—even talk to the designer or architect who created the home. There is even the option to buy many of the products with click through links straight to stores.

But, what many retailers DON’T know is that Houzz also has tools for them, too! Below is a rundown of some of the great ways you can use Houzz for your retail store from Inspirational Photos, to excellent Professionals to available-to-buy Products to awesome Ideabooks.

  1. Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes more on Houzz! We were floored by all the great images for retail store that came up in our image search.
  2. Products:  Once we got down to the nitty-gritty of the products area we found some really cool retail store fixtures. These included “live edge” wood display furniture and even backlit POS displays that could really make perfume pop!
  3. Professionals: Searching for “gift store” in the “professionals” area brought up a plethora of gift shops who sell gift items online-some of them also offer design services. If that sounds like your store this could be an avenue for you to reach customers across the country!
  4. IdeaBooks: Searching “Retail Store” in the IdeaBooks sections brings up other users’ brainstorms related to retail. We found inspiration in idea books ranging from: “25 Top Catalog Picks for the Holidays: Favorite Home Accessories” to “Kids Accessories for Grownups”.  Both of these and many more can help you pinpoint home décor trends and find hot products.

We hope this blog will inspire you to take a look at Houzz for your store or even your home. It’s a great resource for new ideas for everything from design, to color schemes, to sourcing new materials. And, unlike inspiration social sites like Pinterest, it offers you the chance to connect with design professionals to ask questions and get more information. Happy Houzzing!


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