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Gift Shop Owners: 3 Ways to Actually Take Care of You!

You’re taking care of a lot of people from employees, to customers and beyond…but don’t forget to take care of yourself too!

Gift Shop Owners best advice everIt’s been one of those days. You’re running from project to project, checking out customers and still trying to make time to clean out the back room. Through it all you realize you forgot to eat breakfast and probably won’t get a chance for lunch until much later in the afternoon. You know you need to take care of yourself…but how do you find the time?

First off, what you don’t need is a complicated program. No weekend retreats or overhauls of your life. What you DO need are simple ideas–and we’ve got three of them for you, right here.

First of all, Fuel your Body
You’ve gotta keep fueled if you’re gonna be at the top of your gift shop game. So start by getting some healthy grab-and-go snacks into your shop for those days you don’t have time for a real meal. Think, hummus and carrots, hardboiled eggs and apples with peanut butter. Check Amazon for single serving packs of nuts and your favorite health bars—make your order a subscription so that you can restock every month without having to remember to place an order.

Then Shut your Door
Shut the door to the back room for 5 minutes a day and do something for yourself. This may be just standing with your eyes closed and doing some breathing exercises. It may be taking a short walk to the corner and back (research shows that 5 min of movement has significant positive health impacts). Or it could be just doing something fun, like learn a new language on your smartphone (no really, this language app is pretty cool!).  The point is to give your brain a break from the tasks at hand and take care of yourself by relaxing for just a little bit during your busy day.

Finally, Follow a Mantra
When you’re constantly in a hurry, moving from project to project it’s easy to rush past people. You tend to miss things, the little moments that make life worthwhile or the small cues from the people around you that you’re doing great, or maybe not so great. So remind yourself whenever possible to “Be Here Now”. Be here now with the vendor you’re talking to on the phone. Be here now with that customer you’re checking out. Be here now with your family or your kids. It’s amazing how much richer your life can be when following this philosophy–all without spending any more time doing the things you already do!

We’ve talked to enough retailers in our time to know that busy does not even begin to describe your life. And, while the joy of running your own shop is great, sometimes the physical toll can be high. So remember to take care of yourself, eat, take a break, and live in the moment.

How are you finding time to take care of yourself as a gift shop owner? Do you have some tricks you use to maximize your time? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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