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From Selfie Sticks to Stick Pens: Promo Items in Gift Shops

Chic new promo items like credit card cases and selfie sticks are making their way to gift shops, here’s everything you need to know.Store PromoI items for gift stores

You’ve gotten one before. A cheap plastic pen complete with a plastic cap you immediately lose and a company logo you ignore. This tired giveaway is being replaced by newer items that shoppers actually want. As “it” promo items rise in popularity, your company can take advantage of them in two unique ways.

Promo items for a gift shop?
Yes! Promo items for a gift shop. You can use them in two big ways. First, offer your corporate customers branded promo items to include in their holiday gift baskets. Now that chic lantern gift basket containing local jams can come complete with a high quality dish towel featuring the company logo. This offers more value to your corporate clients and another reason to get your gift baskets over your competitors.

The second way you can use promo items is to personalize them and sell them in your store. Instead of a corporate logo, get the name of your town, the ever popular high school mascot or the name of a local charity. We even heard of a gift shop offering personalized plastic tumblers with the last names of competing presidential candidates. They kept a tally near the display showing the winning candidate based on glasses purchased.

So what items should I consider for my shop?
When it comes to hot new promo items, two growing in popularity are the selfie stick and the id card phone case. It’s no surprise that these items attach to the one thing some people say they absolutely cannot live without.

So what’s a selfie stick?
A specially designed stick, typically with extendable handle, that attaches to a smartphone or camera. It’s used to take a better group selfie. And, yes, there is a video that explains everything.

And what is the credit card thing?
These are id holders that can snap onto the backs of cell phones. They range from inexpensive promotional items to personal fashion statements. The great thing about the cell phone id holder is that they are popular with both men and women for greater versatility in your shop or with your corporate clients.

While cheap plastic pens are not going to win any promo awards these days, there are a few classic promotional items that are considered “evergreen”. The first: a coffee cup. According to Mercedes Nagel, co-owner of Willow Tree Awards, the average person “spends 37 minutes drinking a cup of coffee”. That translates to a lot of face time with your cup. Another promo item that never goes out of style – reusable shopping bags. As more and more cities, and even the entire state of Hawaii, ban plastic bags, these will continue to be popular among shoppers.

As we start moving into the holiday season it’s time to think about how to set your shop apart with personalized products—from hot new selfie sticks to evergreen items. Use them as giveaways, in store specials or as promo items for clients. The choice can be determined by your unique business needs.

Have you had a run in with a selfie stick or other promotional item you love? Maybe you’ve found a great way to bring customized products into your shop. We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below

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