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From Holiday to Home!

We invite you to take a step back and see how your products go from a Holiday display to a Home.

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Have you ever spent so much time looking at something–a word, a store ad you are placing or even a gift item you’re putting out–that it’s meaning starts to get lost? You might catch yourself thinking “is that word even spelled right?” or you may step away from the ad and come back to find that you left off your website.

When we get too deep in one individual aspect of something seeing the big picture can be difficult. That’s why, today, we want to stop looking at our collections as individual products and start to see how items across collections can come together to bring Holiday to the Home.

How can holiday come to home? Sometimes it’s the little elements that make the statement. Here we see versatile wooden serving trays product #68912) resembling vintage wine barrel tops that make a lovely setting for traditional red ornaments, pops or Holly and our small fir tree.


Often when shoppers think about Holiday in the home they are not thinking just about what is ON the tree but what is under it. Here, our Christmas Express Train (product #68783) makes a bright statement. We hear that grandparents, especially, like to have this out for the grandkids to play with during the holidays.


Sometimes a bold statement in the store seems like it could be too much for the home. Some shoppers may shy away from buying a collection of larger items if they can’t imagine them into their living rooms. That’s where these versatile Snow Flyer Sleds (product #68449) can be a real help. They look amazing on almost any coffee table from a farmhouse coffee table (product #69012) to something more industrial, and can also be hung on a wall or placed under the tree–or even used to hold a serving tray on a holiday buffet!


And of course, home items. Since lots of entertaining goes on during holidays your customers may want to update their light fixtures or other larger home items. Consider selecting a few dramatic pieces to showcase in your holiday area and when you are talking to customers don’t forget to mention they are available. This Orb Pendant Light fits the bill at 127 inches around and 63 inches high (product #69059).


As you start to think about your holiday set for your store also think about ways your customers can really use the items in their home. Talk with your employees and generate ideas for products that go beyond the traditional so that you can help your shoppers envision the products in their own unique setting.

How do you use holiday items in your home? We’d love to hear about your own decorating in the comments below.

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