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Planning ahead for fall in your shop.Retailers planning ahead Chances are you’ve already started preparing your holiday attack plan. Themes and placement for trees. When you’ll start putting them up and taking them down. And what kinds of products you still need to order.

But, have you given much thought to how you’ll set your shop up for the fall season? What items have you ordered to excite shoppers as summer wanes and the seasons change? Are you considering how your product groupings could flow from fall into holiday?

Don’t worry if you haven’t started down this path—because we have and are sharing some design ideas below!When you start decorating for fall, don’t be afraid to say it! We love how Timeworn Treasure uses gift bags strung up with lights to remind their customers of the season.    Retailer decorate for fall 1

Make a statement! While the image below isn’t really fall per se, we still love how the big, neutrally colored boxes create a space within the shop. They are ideal for displaying a collection of smaller items in baskets. And they are great for displaying a single, larger, statement item.
Retailer decorate for fall 2

Use key visuals to bring the fall atmosphere into any display. The hay on the table in the image below helps to set the tone for the season without overshadowing the items on display. It also does the double duty of visually and physically separating the display space so that other items can be shown on the back half of the table.
Retailer decorate for fall 3

Make a fall statement by using fall merchandise in new and unexpected ways. We know that lanterns are very popular in fall and often complete a Halloween or Thanksgiving display. Consider surprising your customers with a series of hanging lanterns filled with unexpected merchandise.
Retailer decorate for fall 4

Finally, don’t be afraid to have a little (more) fun. The image below shows how a shop uses seasonal gourds and smiley face stickers to create a cheeky display of funky sunglasses. Touché!
Retailer decorate for fall 5

So take this April to start dreaming up your September store. Start your Pinterest board. Jot down some notes. We hope you’ll be inspired to make bold, yet flexible displays that will surprise and delight your customers.

Have you started planning your fall displays? Will you be using any of these tactics, or something else? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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