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Friendsgiving For the Win!

As Friendsgiving continues to grow in popularity your shop can be the inspiration for your customers.

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For the past few years, Friendsgiving has grown from a tradition for those unable to make it to their family Thanksgiving to a complimentary event often held the Saturday before or after Thanksgiving. In contrast to the official holiday, Friendsgiving has become a more casual holiday with more DIY elements, plaids, botanicals, and even a bucking of traditional colors in favor of the hostess’s favorite color pallet.

We’ve gathered up a few examples for you. We suggest you consider creating a Friendsgiving inspiration board with your favorite trends to inspire your shoppers. Pull together items that fit into these trends and create a whole new shopping occasion in your store!

Anything Plaid
Plaids are still a huge trend in the Millennial market and have found their way into Friendsgiving everywhere from table coverings to napkins to paper plates. Here’s an example we love, note the use of antlers to contrast the warm plaid coverings.

F 1

Creative Colors
Friendsgiving is all about breaking the mold. So why not break away from traditional colors and use…whatever color the host fancies! In this case, we see that pumpkins have been painted in hues of pink with the center ones still traditional orange. This leads the way to a lovely pink and orange pallet that feels fresh and feminine.
F 2

Whitewashed Pumpkin
Another trend is the whitewashed pumpkin which creates a lovely monochromatic look that works well with mixed metals. In the example below, we see that the host has taken the look a step further by inviting guests to share what they are thankful for right on the pumpkin.

F 3

Kraft Paper
One trend we see over and over again in the Friendsgiving space is Kraft Paper. It’s the ultimate table covering and can be customized with names, quotes, menu options, and themed art. Because it’s so customizable and inexpensive it crops up on the Friendsgiving table again and again.
F 4

Bring in Botanicals
One of our favorite trends is botanicals. And we see this going strong at Friendsgiving with succulent centerpieces, moss nametags and even greens on the table. Melrose has an amazing botanical and succulent collection to round out any table for the festivities.

F 5

Flower Crowns
Everyone wants to feel pretty and what better way than with a flower crown. Made before the event for each attendee to wear or as an activity during the event these crowns can range from simple greens to bowers of flowers. We like the one below from Martha Stewart.

F 6

Bonus: Friendsgiving Tea Party
Just as Friendsgiving broke the Thanksgiving mold, new takes on the holiday are veering away from traditional turkey to even include Tea. The Friending Tea Party allows a host with less cooking skills to throw a party themed to the holiday without all the hassle.

F 7

Moving from a replacement of Thanksgiving to a compliment to it, Friendsgiving is a cultural phenomenon that creates a new entertaining occasion gifts shops should be aware of. Consider trends like plaid, botanicals and Kraft paper as well as less traditional ideas like decorating with unexpected colors or hosting a tea instead of a dinner.

Are you seeing Friendsgiving growing in popularity in your area? Are you providing inspiration to your shoppers? Share with us in the comments below.




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