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Four Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Appreciating our fallen heroes at the start of summer season.Old American flag background for Memorial Day or 4th of JulyOriginally designated to honor fallen Civil War soldiers, Memorial Day became a day to remember all those who have died for our country, after WWI. During this time America was touched by deaths in almost every family and a national day of remembrance was a part of the healing process.

Nowadays, less families are directly impacted by the deaths of soldiers. Because of this, Memorial Day can feel like another day for a barbecue instead of a day to remember those who have fought and died for our freedom and safety. To bring us back to the true meaning of the day, while still allowing for a lively celebration, we have put together four real ways to remember this Memorial Day.

1. Display photos of loved ones who have served. Display old photos of your grandparents who have served or loved ones who are currently serving. This is a way to keep their memory alive and feel as though they are celebrating with you. This creates a fun atmosphere while still remembering what the day is all about.

2. Attend a parade. Most communities host Memorial Day parades which are an excellent way to celebrate the day and a great activity for children. It offers you a chance to talk to them about the meaning of the day in way they can understand.

3. Visit a war memorial. Often located in parks, war memorials offer a tangible way to visualize the lost members of your community. Take a moment to read the names on the memorial. Consider sweeping away fallen leaves or picking weeds if the memorial is not in good repair. And a picnic, if the memorial is in a park, can also be a lovely way to end your visit.

4. Fly a flag. Show your solidarity with our country, and those who have served, by flying your flag proudly. In case you are not familiar with flag etiquette (like bringing it in if it’s raining) here is a handy website. And if you don’t already have a flag, Amazon can deliver one in 2 days.

From a family photo to a proudly swaying flag, Memorial Day can be a day of appreciation and still include livelier celebrations. How you celebrate it, is up to you.

How are you planning to celebrate Memorial Day? Share your story in the comments below.

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