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Floral and the Mother’s Day Rush

When you maximize sales with a  little pre-planning, you can ride the wave through June!

How to have a great mother's day for florists wholesale retailersHow to have a great mother's day for florists wholesale retailers

After Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day—when husbands and children stampede to get Mom the perfect bouquet—is one of the busiest days of the year in a floral shop. We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks for florists to have the best Mother’s day yet—that means saving money and having happy customers.

Staffing for Mother’s Day
Staff smart! Schedule your designers for enough hours to fill your orders plus extra arrangements to sell on the day of. Then fill the rest of your hours with your general shop workers. This way you don’t overstaff expensive employees. Consider bringing in a few part time employees for Mother’s day weekend.

Wow Your Drop-In Customers
Lots of people stop in at the last minute to grab flowers for mom. Be ready with brightly colored, inexpensive and mid-priced arrangements. Also consider having pre-wrapped single roses for sale which could be an add-on or a sale all on its own. 

Plan for Repeat Business
Create printed offer cards for an inexpensive, in-store floral pick-up that can be redeemed in May/June. Place one in each Mother’s Day arrangement.  This way some of those one-off Mother’s Day customers will become repeat customers. If your store offers gift or gourmet items, consider making the offer a %-off those items to broaden your services with your floral clients. You could even create an offer aimed at Mom: “Our gift to Moms, 25% off any gift or gourmet purchase during the month of May”.

By having enough staff, planning for drop in customers and leveraging your extra orders for repeat business, you can have an amazing Mother’s Day and ride the business through May and into June.

Will you staff up, plan a follow-on sale or expect lots of dads and kids in the store on Mother’s day weekend? How do you manage the business for your floral shop? Share your plans in the comments section below!

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