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Finding Fall Trends in the Bachman’s Idea House

The Bachman’s Idea House is a seasonal dream home and this fall it has been reimagined with warm harvest colors overlaid with mixed metals and natural fibers. Find out more about these trends!

Fall 2014 Trends in Hoe Decor and RetailFall 2014 Trends in Hoe Decor and Retail

Recently, we introduced you to the Bachman’s Idea House—a historic home that the Minnesota retailer reimagines three times a year into a dream home for shoppers to explore. This fall did not disappoint! The home has been created with a warm harvest color pallet that features mixed textures and patterns, a focus on natural fibers and bright glints of mixed metals. If you want to see fall trends in action, look no further!

Fall Color Bachmans

4 Fall Trends as Seen in the Bachman’s Idea House

  1. Opposites Attract
    Just like your grandmother’s locket paired with that trendy jacket, designers at the Idea House blend old with new, light with dark, and a mix of patterns and textures for a dynamic, easy to update atmosphere.
  2. Mixing Metals
    No need to choose gold or silver; instead combine metals. Featured in the Idea House are soft bronze, silver, and copper mixed throughout the rooms.
  3. A Twist on Fall
    Using a softer fall pallet the Idea House pairs less traditional shades and patterns to create interest and unexpected touches.
  4. Modern Silks
    Fresh flowers aren’t the only way to feature beautiful blooms and fall colors. The Idea House showcases dynamic permanent arrangements for long-lasting looks.

And Something For the Ladies
While the house always features staples like a family room and dining room setup, each season the designers create new and unexpected spaces to explore home trends. New this fall, a whole room is dedicated to a walk in closet – more accurately a woman’s dream closet – that allows the home’s imaginary mistress to showcase her bling and baubles that may otherwise be hidden away.  For example a butcher block hung on the wall is studded with found-object nails as a rustic, yet sophisticated, jewelry holder. Her scarf collection peeks pleasingly from glass vases. And finally, an old bookshelf, with new glass shelving, shows to advantage an epic shoe collection.

Closet Bachmans

From mixed metals to modern silks, the Idea House features fall trends that are spot on and popular. So popular that Bachman’s expects to inspire between 5,000-7,000 visitors in the three and a half weeks the home will be open.

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling inspired tooand we can’t wait to see what Bachman’s creates when the Idea House is revamped for the holidays this November!

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  • October 2, 2014

    Michele Caponi

    I love all your trending articles, this was very interesting; will Melrose ever go into the trendy fashion area, like selling purses and jewelry !!!!


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