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Fall Decorating Trends

With the tang of burning leaves, fall is in the air and your customers will be looking for all things orange from pumpkins to leaves to candles. Here’s all the inspiration you need. 
Fall Decorating Trends In Retail Fall Decorating Trends In Retail

As the season changes from summer to fall, how can shop owners keep the decor fresh—different from last year—so that shoppers feel inspired when they enter your store? And of course, we all know that golden shades of orange and warm browns will be popular, but what makes them special this year?

Finding the answer to that question is part of the fun of the business! You can see where we’ve placed our bets in our Fall Collection. We’ll give you a hint—we see rich textures and tones coupled with rustic accents, the shimmer of metal and the mood-setting glow of candles playing big this fall. But don’t just take our word for it—check out some of these fun fall decorating projects and find out what’s on trend for yourself. Then share the projects with your customers—either as finished pieces or suggestions for what they can do with your merchandise.

On-Trend Fall Decorating Projects

Fall in a Jar
Part of a collection of 50 Fall Decorating Projects from MidwestLiving, Fall in a Jar capitalizes on the growing terrarium trend and allows your customers to bring fall items inside, right from their yard. The best part? They’ll want to buy that glass dome or jar from you! We have some here that we think might fit the bill.

Creative Candle Holders
We know, we know, we said candles are in. But we just couldn’t resist the simple swap of pumpkins and gourds for candles in this creative fall DIY project. Vary the color of the gourds to match your store décor and you have a clear winner.  Find similar candle holders here.

Chevron Pumpkin
And of course, no list of decorating trends would be complete without the pattern of the moment: chevron.  We love how this pattern makes its appearance in the most unexpected of places—in metallic paint on a pumpkin. Now don’t let all that hard work painting go to waste, instead of using a live pumpkin, substitute one of our realistic Polystone Pumpkins that your customers can enjoy for seasons to come.

From the terrarium trend to candles to metallic chevron, this year fall decorating is all about making the season personal to you, your shop and your customers. So whatever trends you find for fall decorating remember to have fun and customize. Finally, if you’re craving a few more on-trend examples, check out this Autumn Eye Candy from Southern Living Magazine.

Do you have fall trend decorating tips to share? Give us your tips in the comments section below.

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