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Facebook Ads for Retailers…How to Get Started!

Are Facebook ads a great way to bring new customers to your store or a waste of time and money? 

Facebook advertising for small business retailers

Many, many small businesses are seeing increased success by using Facebook advertising to attract new business and maintain relationships with their current customers. While no kind of advertising is ever a “silver bullet”, Facebook advertising offers the benefit of being able to reach only the people you want to reach for a price that fits your budget. Yet, many retailers shy away from this advertising because they are not sure what kind of success they will see and they don’t understand their advertising options. In this post we are going to tackle both of those issues—starting with a success story from a small retailer in Florida.

Facebook Advertising Success

Advertising success stories from include companies like BarkBox and Shopify but also Kay’s Designer Consignment, a small Florida retailer. Kay’s saw a “30% increase in sales and a 23X return on ad spend in 9 months after moving its ad spend [a few thousand dollars a month] from print to Facebook.” What was Kay’s strategy? She used her Facebook Page along with a combination of Page post ads to build awareness and generate in-store sales. She also posted new items almost daily with great success. “Recently, a designer bag and wallet sold in 10 minutes for $1,900 by phone, because the customer saw her Promoted Post.”

This kind of success can lead retailers to want to learn more about Facebook ads, but first many are asking—who can I reach on Facebook and how can I reach them?

How can you reach people on Facebook?

You can reach all kinds of people on Facebook, from those currently liking your page to your ideal customer using Facebook’s 6 key targeting categories. Target your ads by: Location, Demographics (age, gender, education, etc.), Interests (hobbies or pages they like), Behaviors (purchase behaviors and more), Connections (friends of people who like your page) and “Lookalikes” (Facebook users similar to your current fans).

What kinds of ads can help bring customers into your store?

If you already have a Facebook page for your business then you have three main options for Facebook ads. These are Boosted Posts, Facebook Offers and Right Hand Ads. Descriptions of each are below along with your need to know Take Away for each ad type.

~ Boosted Posts (also called Promoted Posts): When you share useful and engaging posts on your Facebook Page, you’re building relationships with current and future customers. For as little as $5, you can boost a post so more people will see it when they visit Facebook. Take away: If you’re going to test one kind of Facebook ad, this would be the one to try!
~ Facebook Offers: Facebook Offers are posts about a special discount or promotion that people can claim and bring into your store. When an Offer ad is shown to people on Facebook, they can click the Get Offer button to claim it. People have the option to share offers with their friends, which means you’ll reach more people. Take away: These offers can be gangbusters for driving new traffic to your store if you target people who live nearby and promote your offer as a Boosted Post. Just make sure your offer is compelling for shoppers and fair to you!
~ Right Hand Ads: Ads can appear on the right hand side of your Facebook page on desktop (not offered on mobile). These usually link to your website or Facebook page. Take away: Right hand ads can be useful in sharing your message to a target audience when you don’t have the option of doing a Boosted Post.

To learn more about advertising on Facebook check out their Advertising page. They have a tutorial that will ask you what your advertising goals are and then walk you through the options to make placing your first ads simple and straightforward!

Have you used Facebook ads in the past for your business? We’d love to hear about your success, or your lessons learned. Please share in the comments section below!

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