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Retail Eye Candy

It’s been a long holiday weekend and we know you’re just getting back into the swing of things. So let us offer you some retail eye candy as inspiration for your day!

Eye Candy for RetailersEye Candy for Retailers

Sometimes we just need a little break and some simple inspiration. So today we’re sharing with you pictures of some retail stores that we think have it going on when it comes to store environment! From store layout, to display setup to product selection these shops are sure to be the eye candy you need. And, if you’re looking for a little more inspiration you might like to check out our blog on finding your store’s je ne sais quoi

Eye Candy 1: Your Living Room, Only Better
Why we like it: This display from, The Garden Barn, really tells a story. It’s immediately appealing that all the items are in a similar color category (naturals) and that heights are varied to allow your eye to move through the display. This kind of shopping—where just one item from a collection is displayed almost as if it were in a home—is a total treasure hunt for shoppers and can inspire them to stay in the store longer and buy more!Eye candy for retailers using small items

Eye Candy 2: Creating a Focal Point
Why we like it:  This gift shop has many small items on display, from cards to jewelry to home décor. The simple black and white diamond pattern on the floor brings unification to the space and provides a larger focal point for the room. Eye candy for retailers with unique floors

Eye Candy 3: Color Trends!
Why we like it: This shop, Bartons Bonbonerie in NYC, may sell candy instead of gifts and floral, but we found the use of color so eye catching that we had to include it in our list! We love the way the front of some of the displays have been made into pull out drawers painted the same theme colors as the store signage and ceiling decor!Eye candy for retailers using color combinations

Eye Candy 4: Classy Markdowns
Why we like it: We love the simple way the shop owner found to make the sale section stand out and feel fun. Thanks to Gift Shop Magazine for sharing this picture for us to find!Eye Candy for retailers - making sale space count

Eye Candy 5: Floral as Fashion
Why we like it: Floral and fashion just beg to be paired. The simple idea of dressing mannequins in burlap and greenery is genius and has so many legs. Imagine if the display were livened up with simple holiday ornaments hanging from the greenery or with different ribbons from your collection! Put this in your front window and change out the bling each week for an easy-to-rotate seasonal display.

Eye Candy for retailers, dressing up holiday display

We hope you’ve enjoyed this eye candy break! We’d love to see inspiring pictures of your retail storeshare them with us on our Facebook page or email them to

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