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Don’t Forget the Garland

In this Melrose Moment, learn how you can decorate your stores with this time-honored classic.

Don’t you just love hearing the oohs and ahhs from your customers this time of year when they see your holiday décor? Part of the joy of this wondrous season is to be dazzled by the sights of the winter displays. And holiday decorating isn’t complete without the tradition of the garland.

This is where Melrose can help, as we have some great ideas on creating beautiful and festive garland that your customers will love.

Our special projects designer, Ken Fetgatter, AIFD, recommends using a few stems of Pine/Cone/Ornament Garland and Poinsettia Tipped w/Glitter Stem, and using a layering technique to connect the stems. This will create a collage of natural colors. You can place your finished garland with a wreath for a beautiful and natural look that will add elegance to your store.

Why make your own garland? It’s because you can use specific colors or products to create a unique look for your store. In addition, the wired stems give your garland a strong support system and sturdy weight. This means you can bend and shape it (over an arched doorway, for instance), and it won’t blow away in the wind if it is hung outdoors. And because of its weight, it requires only one nail to hang it.

Another nice thing about garland is its versatility. Ken has the idea of hanging it on either side of a doorway, thus framing it in an eye-catching (and traditional) way.

Sprucing up your store this holiday season will be fun with this time-honored classic. It will be all the more festive if you create your own, and customers will be interested if you choose to sell it. Just don’t forget to enjoy the oohs and ahhs.

To learn how Ken creates beautiful holiday garland, watch this Melrose Moment video from MelTV.

Pictured: Ken Fetgatter, AIFD, special project designer, show a festive, homemade garland.

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