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See how our very own Ken Fetgatter fared in the Great Display Challenge.

 Our lead designer, Ken Fetgatter, AIFD, is always up for a challenge. So when he was asked by Smart Retailer and the Dallas Market Center to participate in the 2012 Great Display Challenge, of course he said yes.

Ken competed against two other professional designers, Jeff Clark of Christopher Radko and Nancy Borsodi of Smart Retailer. Each was paired with an audience member at random and then was asked to create an on-the-spot display for this fun and exciting challenge.

The teams were given 30 minutes to muster all of their creativity for the construction of a distinct holiday display. The catch was that they did not know what materials they would be working with ahead of time — this further challenged their skills and expertise. In the end, while each of the displays was charming and festive it its own way, the display created by Ken and his partner, Natalie Welch of Laine’s, was declared the winner!

“The other professionals and participants from the audience were very gracious and were a lot of fun to work with,” Ken shares. Watch Ken in action here:

And just what was his advantage?

Ken offers this design advice: “When you’re building a display, it’s important to have a really good focus point, but also other peaks and valleys to maintain interest. What this does to the customer is that it gets them excited about the grand piece, and then the valleys are the rest areas that give them the time they need to absorb what they saw, and that is what gives them the urge to buy.”

Wish you could work alongside Ken? We’ve got the next best thing. Check out our YouTube channel for how-to videos from Ken with step-by-step instructions on how to create amazing displays that will excite your customers.

Special thanks to Smart Retailer for sharing their great video.

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